Membership Information.

Most (but not all) needs are addressed by a process of investigation and validation. Generally, the process begins with a client calling an SVdP Conference phone line and leaving a message, or by referral from a Parish or other organization. Basic information is gathered during this initial contact. Two Vincentians follow up with a home visit to assess overall need and determine whether SVdP is the appropriate source to assist. Every request for assistance, every situation is different. When making calls, Vincentians determine first immediate needs, which frequently involve food, clothing, shelter or similar needs. Material assistance can be given on the basis of the needs determined by the visiting Vincentians. As appropriate, Vincentians follow up attempting to eliminate the underlying cause of distress.

The SVdP Brochure, linked below, is put together by the SVdP National Office and provides a ‘High Level’ overview of the Society, what it does and how it works.

The next linked document, below, provides perspective at the “Field” level and contains information about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, generally, and about the Holy Family Conference in Anchorage.

If you are interested in learning more, or feel called to serve the poor as a Vincentian, the process of Formation begins with an Application, a background check and an on-line course in recognizing child abuse. Formal Acceptance follows a period of training and discernment. An application for membership, as published by the Holy Family Conference in Anchorage, is linked below